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Chameleóní převleky, které mění mezi jednotlivými skladbami, jsou neuvěřitelné, všestrannost zarážející a zábavnost celé desky strhující. Album For Your Entertainment tak má skutečně vystihující název.

Matěj Vaněček,, odkaz na celou recenzi

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As a whole, For Your Entertainment marks one of the most impressive mainstream pop album debuts in recent memory

Joe Vogel, The Huffington Post, odkaz na celou recenzi

It would be great to hear a whole album from Lambert exploring this way of reworking pop balladry. For now, though, he's keeping his options open.

Ann Powers, Los Angles Times, odkaz na celou recenzi

If there's a complaint here, it's that Lambert is almost too malleable. His voice, though supremely capable, doesn't really have a distinct character; it's like listening to the world's sauciest wedding singer.

Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly, odkaz na celou recenzi

Lambert sounds larger than life on these, just like he wants to be, and if there’s no sense of danger here, at least there’s a lot of pure pop pleasure here, more than any immediate post-Idol album has ever delivered.

Allmusic, odkaz na celou recenzi

For Your Entertainment has its moments of misery, but for the most part this is a trove of surprises. And that nothing sounds like an obvious hit single only adds to its appeal.

Mike Diver, BBC, odkaz na celou recenzi